Sanotape® BasicSet 1


New material: thinner and proven to be effective

The Sanotape® BasisSet 1 with plasters in the size 4 × 4 cm is particularly suitable for headaches, small warts, scars, pressure points and corns, age spots, as a pain plaster and as a preventive measure.



10 plasters in the size 4cm x 4cm

With the Sanotape® you get a high quality product which, thanks to its improved capabilities, represents the next generation of reflexo products. Sanotape is characterized by improved adhesive properties and thus a longer wearing time, especially when swimming or showering. The previously perforated backing of the reflexo products is now even and smooth with Sanotape, the new material is much thinner, which increases the wearing comfort for you.

Who is the innovative Sanotape® suitable for?

Sanotape® is deliberately aimed at a large group of users: The material is suitable for all body regions. In addition, it is free of silicone and latex and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Sanotape® in the size 4cm x 4 cm is particularly suitable for use on the head, finger and toe joints and for small scars, warts, corns or pressure points as well as preventive in the event of blistering.


The most important advantages at a glance

  • New material, also for allergy sufferers
  • Treatment without the use of active ingredients
  • Developed for physical and functional therapies

Please note the instructions for use and the instructions for use! If you have any questions, please contact us directly at  or via the hotline +49 2331 7875757 or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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