That is why sanotape is one of the best products for reduction - not just of scars!

Do scars tell stories? That may be, but memories of accidents or operations are usually just as ugly as the scars that remain. Whether immediately after an operation or many years later, the scar can be painful, restrict mobility or severely impair self-confidence for visual reasons.

With  Sanotape®  there is now the possibility of visibly reducing scars – and that without invasive interventions and without medication.

But –  Sanotape®  is not only suitable for use on scar tissue. Other hardened areas of the skin can also be treated well with Sanotape®, for example blisters, pressure points, corns or warts.

Thanks to the simple application, complaints of this kind can easily be treated by those affected themselves. The skin is often noticeably softer after first wearing it, and Sanotape® also supports   the body’s self-healing powers.

The sanotape® active principle for a better quality of life

Sanotape ® is a very thin plaster that can support the reduction of scar tissue, among other things. This works on a purely physical basis,  without the skin being supplied with active ingredients or medication .

This was made possible by the development of a completely new, metallized polymer. The material is only 10 µm (10 thousandths of a millimeter) thick and therefore  significantly thinner than comparable products . Nevertheless, it stays on the skin for up to two days and can easily be used in sports, everyday life or showering or bathing.
Sanotape®  has been researched and tested on patients in therapy and rehabilitation over the years and is now also available to end customers.

The main advantages of Sanotape

  • Soothing effect on the skin
  • Decongestant effects
  • Inhibition of inflammation
  • New material, also for allergy sufferers
  • Treatment without the use of active ingredients
  • Secondary pain relief
  • Antiseptic effect

Who is the innovative Sanotape® suitable for?

Sanotape is deliberately aimed at a large group of users: because the material is suitable for all body regions. In addition, it is free of silicone and latex and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers who want to reduce and lighten their scars, warts, pressure points or other skin problems painlessly.


New Material: Thinner and proven to be effective

Scar treatment with tape plasters is a medically proven form of therapy. The special thing about  Sanotape ® is the improved polymer material compared to other products.

The  metallized polymer from Sanotape®  is wafer-thin, flexible and yet easy to use, so that even professional users like to fall back on it.

Is used  Sanotape®  to reduce all about scars, the skin softer to make painless and whiten affected areas. The first results are often visible after the first application.

The quality is of course ensured: The  patented Sanotape ® plaster is CE certified.The effect of the treatment has been proven by  various stress studies and a clinical study .