Plasters , therapeutic agents , innovation: Sanotape®  is a special product in many ways. But whether it is about the advantages of the novel polymer or the  uniquely thin material  – the most important thing is the goal: to help people  reduce scars and make the skin look more natural again .

In order to achieve an optimal effect,  Sanotape® is  composed of several materials. The carrier material is transparent and robust, so that the scar dressing is easy to apply. The viscose fabric used or the polyurethane is breathable. A reflective special foil ensures the function. The metallized polymer is silver-colored on the inside  and gold-colored on the outside  and therefore has a high conductivity.

Simply answered: for everyone. As mentioned, the material is free of latex and silicone and is therefore particularly kind to the skin. The transparent carrier material is also inconspicuous, so that only the narrow metallized film can actually be seen –  a unique design . Most users find this to be completely unproblematic and do not limit themselves in their leisure activities, such as sports or swimming – because this is exactly what the  waterproof material is  designed for. It is also specially developed to treat scars on any part of the body, including the face or other sensitive areas of the skin. Experienced doctors and physiotherapists are   therefore happy to use Sanotape® to support the treatment.

In any case, without active ingredients, without intervention and without latex. Instead, Sanotape supports the skin’s natural healing powers. To do this, it is simply stuck to the relevant area of ​​the skin so that it covers the scar. Users can choose from three sizes to adapt the plaster to the respective scar. Once glued, the material stays securely in place – even sports and swimming are possible without any problems. Depending on requirements, the tape can be applied for up to two days.

Sanotape®  consists of an innovative polymer that offers various advantages. On the one hand, it ensures that the moisture under the protective film increases – the skin becomes softer and more supple. At the same time, the temperature decreases, which can support the body’s own regeneration. As already mentioned, this principle of action of Sanotape has been proven by clinical studies and stress studies.